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Create Awareness

CURE aims to create greater awareness about cancer; its causes, prevention, symptoms, early detection, and its treatment. We play a pivotal role in patient and doctor education regarding symptoms and clinical signs of cancer.

Encourage Cancer Research and Education

The future of oncology lies in research. CURE Foundation will undertake active research in basic sciences and in clinical fields. We will promote scientific exchange and spread of knowledge by organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. The foundation will update the medical fraternity of the latest techniques and hopes to provide a comprehensive databank to help doctors dispel ambiguity inherent in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Provide Subsidized / Free treatment for needy patients

Treatment will be tailor-made to each patient. CURE is networked with specialists in reputed hospitals globally, to provide state-of-the-art treatment to impoverished patients for whom this would otherwise be a distant dream. CURE will also use the multi-modality Tumor Board where specialists from all oncologic branches come together to offer unbiased opinion regarding each patient’s treatment.

Conduct Rehabilitation Programs

Completion of cancer treatment is not our final goal. Patients also need social, psychological, physical and vocational rehabilitation. CURE offers patients a holistic approach towards getting back control of their lives. CURE will also assist and care for terminally ill patients.